Luner on Theatre LIVE Set to Return October 30th

Hello Everyone! Fall Break last week at Wagner College forced Luner on Theatre LIVE to cancel it’s first show ever due to the fact that no one would be on campus. Today, Luner on Theatre is here to annnounce that it’s hit radio show, Luner on Theatre LIVE, will not begin again for another two weeks. And even though we’re not happy about this announcement, we do have a good reason why!

Luner on Theatre LIVE is a one hour long talk radio show that kicked off September 18th, 2011. The one hour long radio show that airs weekly, Sunday nights from 9:00-10:00 PM, has been running since it’s launch covering everything from Broadway to student productions. In the one hour long show hosted by Luner on Theatre’s Chris Luner, Broadway show tunes are played, topics are discussed and call ins are an always. Luner on Theatre LIVE even features themed air shows! Our first was was titled “Introductions” considering it was our first time ever on the air! Before going off the air for a break, Luner on Theatre had a “Rock Musical Theatre” night. Prizes are also in the works and are hoping to be debuted at some upcoming air shows.

Anyways, Luner on Theatre is canceling the next two weeks of shows due to the fact of actual theatre events we will be needing to attend! This week, Luner on Theatre will be attending a performance of Wagner College Theatre’s Catholic School Girls. The performance is later in the evening tonight and is only being performed for those involved with another recent Wagner College Theatre production. This means there will be no Luner on Theatre LIVE tonight October 16th, 2011.

For the week of October 23rd, 2011, Luner on Theatre will be involved with a staged reading of Assassins taking place at Wagner College. This reading is being performed by alumni of the college’s theatre department in a special one night only event. Luner on Theatre will actually be bringing you coverage of this event this week but for now, we just wanted to let you know we’re going to be involved with this hence another week of no shows. We were planning to still have a return air show this week but it is not looking to be possible.

Luner on Theatre LIVE is presented every Sunday night between 9:00-10:00 PM. The show is created and produced by Luner on Theatre and Wagner College Broadcast Group. Luner on Theatre would like to extend a huge thank you to WCBG for their continued help and support so far and as our air show continues to grow and expand.

So, Luner on Theatre LIVE will return in two weeks on October 30th, 2011! We’re planning on returning with more fantastic episodes, prize give aways and call ins for everyone to get a chance on the air! Since we have this chance, What would YOU like to see on Luner on Theatre LIVE? We’re want our show to continue to expand! Prizes, guest appearances and more are in the works – but tell s what you want and maybe we’ll make that happen! We’ve had tons of calls in and requests so we’re willing to make whatever happen for you! So, stay tuned as Luner on Theatre continues to bring you all news relating to our new radio talk show Luner on Theatre LIVE!

Luner on Theatre LIVE on Wagner College TV

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