Wagner College Theatre Presents Catholic School Girls

Catholic School Girls are invading Wagner College’s Stage One this week! And no we’re not talking about young girls in plaid uniforms! We’re talk about the new play by Casey Kurtti set to play Wagner’s Stage One from October 11th to the 16th.

Catholic School Girls is a play written by Casey Kurtti. The piece satires catholic school life in the 1960’s. Using four girls to play a variety of characters from students first through eighth grade, to even the nuns themselves, Catholic School Girls is a piece that explores friendship, questions authority and explores the lives of little girls as we watch them grow up. The play takes place at St. Georges School in Yonkers in the 1960’s.

Photo by: Karen O'Donnell

Staten Island Native, Mickey Tennenbaum, directs the production. Mickey is also a professor for the Theatre & Speech Department at Wagner College and has directed many productions before. His most recent at Wagner was Loose Knit featured last year in Stage One. When asked about the production Mickey has been quoted as saying “Catholic School girls is a slice of life so there is a little bit of everything, there’s comedy, there’s tragedy.” (Wagner College Theatre Blog) And when he was asked what people should take away from Catholic School Girls, Tennenbaum says “To question authority, to question doctrine, to question everything.” (WCTB)

And if Tennenbaum leading this creative team isn’t exciting enough for you, another exciting note about the rest of this creative team is the fact that is consists entirely of Wagner College Theatre students. Catholic School Girls will feature a set design by Anthony Freitas, a lighting design by Suz Plachy, costume design by Lauren Gouse, sound design by Ryan Brinkman and props by Jared Isaacson. Molly Tom is stage manager with Clarissa Jimenez and Nicole Ramirez as assistant stage managers.

Photo By: Karen O'Donnell

The production is definitely a smaller show with only four roles. The show stars Brittany Santoro as Elizabeth, Bronwyn Whittle as Colleen, Heather Kirschenbauer as Wanda and Mary DeBorger as Maria Theresa. And while there may only be four of them, Mickey has been quoted as calling these girls “an incredible group of talent”. (WCTB) In the photo above, from left to right, is Brittany, Mary, Heather and Bronwyn.

Catholic School Girls will play Wagner College’s Stage One from October 11th to October 16th. All performances begin at 8 PM with a 2 PM show as well on October 15th. There is only one performance on October 16th which is at 2 PM. For tickets, you can call or visit the Wagner College Theatre Box Office. The number is (718)-390-3259. Please note if you plan on visiting the Box Office, it is currently located in Reynolds House on campus due to ongoing renovations of Main Hall. Luner on Theatre also hopes you have enjoyed this NEW more in depth look into this Wagner College Theatre production. Not sure what we’re talking about? We’ll be explaining some of our new bright plans for the rest of the Wagner College Theatre Season later this week! Thank you to Karen O’Donnell for her wonderful photos she allowed us to use for this blog post as well! Also, Please Note: No Luner on Theatre Review will be provided for any Wagner College Theatre productions this yearDon’t miss this heavenly production being put on at Wagner College this week; Catholic School Girls!

Catholic School Girls Opens October 11th at 8 PM; Photo by Karen O’Donnell

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