25th Annual Broadway Flea Market & Grand Auction Returns September 25th

At the 25th Annual…”, YUP! We went there! Broadway lovers, theatre fans, collectors and more are joyous today as the Annual Broadway Flea Market and Grand Auction return for yet another year making it 25 now! This event which is sponsered by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids is a once a year event that you most definitely do not want to miss! Why though? Let us show you!

The Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Annual Flea Market & Grand Auction takes place every year in a massive flea market sale in which almost all Broadway shows take part in. Various Off-Broadway and regional venues also sometime take part. Items can range from show cards to old playbills to clothing to set pieces! What?! Oh yeah! With such a terrific season and upcoming season on Broadway, this Broadway Flea Market is definitely looking to be one of the brightest in recent years! However, that may not be the case weather wise!

Click Here to Check Out the Current New York City Forecast

HOWEVER, DO MAKE NOTE: The Flea Market WILL HAPPEN Rain or Shine!

So who all is gonna be there? Just to name a few tables that are currently set to be there include Actors Equity Association, Anything Goes, Ave Q, The Book of Mormon, Follies, How to Succeed, Lysistrata Jones, NYC Agents, Paper Mill Playhouse, Sister Act, Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, War Horse and Wicked just to name a few! For a complete list, check out the official list here. The total will blow your mind – the list we mentioned above is NO WHERE near the total amount of tables planned on being there!

Due to construction, size and various other ideas, the Broadway Flea Market & Grand Auction is expanding this year! Thats right! You thought past years were huge? Well this year, Broadway’s Flea Market will spin into the pedestrian plaza of Times Square. This will help spread out tables more and also will greatly increase the overall size of the event. In case you’re worried about finding the table you want, you can click the following two links for official maps

Flea Market Map #1

Flea Market Map #2

And while there are your average playbills, t-shirts, posters and other various items of that nature, there are so many other things going on at the Broadway Flea Market! There is a silent auction where items will be auctioned off every 30 minutes! Click here for a Complete List of Silent Auction Items! Also, there will be a LIVE auction in which major prizes such as walk on roles in show will be given away! These prices are much higher – just a heads up! Click here for a Complete list of Live Auction Items! The list goes on! There is also a Photo Booth and Autograph stand that will literally be overflowing with your favorite Broadway stars! This works in the sense of a group of performers being broken down by hour. For autographs, it is $25 minimum per hour for an autograph with that entire group of stars. For photos, it is $10 minimum per photo with a single performer. Click here for your complete list and hour by hour break down of stars! And thats not even it! There are plenty of more prizes and “flash auction” items which will be taking place tomorrow!

So, if you don’t have a million reasons to attend the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Flea Market & Grand Auction tomorrow, you now do. This event will not only help raise so much money for such a fantastic cause, but it will bring together Broadway in an event that is looked upon each year as a shinning moment of what this community is all about. Family. Commitment. Service. I will be there tomorrow at the Broadway Flea Market not only setting up in the morning but spending lots of money through out the day to get some of my favorite items and so on! I really hope to see you there and we all really hope you enjoy this fantastic event! For more information, check out Broadway Cares Official Website.

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