Glee Season 3 Kicks Off Tonight on Fox!

Fans of the hit FOX TV show Glee has a new reason to rejoice tonight as the award winning series kicks off Season 3! After two previous successful seasons, FOX has many plans in store for the upcoming season! New songs, New dances, New storylines and maybe even some new charcters. And if you’re skeptical as to if this season of Glee will even be good, this season of Glee is promising to be the best one yet! Why? Let me show you! This is Season 3 of Glee!

After a highly successful first Season on the air, FOX changed up Glee a lot last year to include many guest stars and themed episodes. The themed episodes music ranged from theatrical things like The Rocky Horror Glee Show to episodes tributing music of our time like Brittney Spears. Well, after a Season more the less of getting all of that out of their system, Glee is changing the course of its show yet again for Season 3. However, this course is back on track with the first one.

That is CORRECT! Glee is returning to its roots for Season 3. Filled with older music and classic Broadway show tunes, Glee will now take its experience on the air and combine it into some of the greatest episodes, story lines and production numbers to ever be performed on TV. And while Luner on Theatre isn’t giving you a preview of tonight’s episode, we are able to give you some pretty cool secrets about the upcoming season!


Idina Menzel Returns! as Rachel’s birth mother, Menzel’s character will have a major arc in the upcoming season. A new story line that could last from 10-12 episodes. Idina Menzel may also have a “juicy” story line working along with Quinn later this season. Valerie Mahaffey and Don Most join the cast of Glee as Emma’s parents! Keong Sim and Tamlyn Tomit join the cast of Glee as Mike Chang’s parents! Mercedes will finally have a supportive boyfriend! Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty, who were the winners of The Glee Project, will be featured all season long. As well as Alex Newell and Lindsay Pearce featuring in 2 episodes for being runners up! McGinty will be featured as a foreign exchange student who is involved with Brittany. Larsen will appear later in the season as a relative of Puck. Mike Chang will be singing twice in the first four episodes. Emma and Will are finally together and getting closer. Lauren is going to be cutting ties with her Glee gang but will still be involved with the show and especially Kurt as the season goes on.


So, if you did read the Season 3 spoiler alerts, I hope you are only now more excited for this upcoming season! All of those secrets from above have been brought to you by Mr. Ryan Murphy himself!

And if you still want to know more, we have al of Glee’s music selections scheduled for tonight for you as always! Once you see the list of links below, you’ll definitely see my point of Glee returning to its original music style.

“You Can’t Stop the Beat”

“Anything You Can Do/Anything Goes”

“Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”

“Its Not Unusual”

WELL, I hope after this little review article for another epic upcoming Season of Glee, you’re as excited as I am! For those of you that weren’t as big of fans of the show last year as you were Season 1, rejoin! I promise this season is returning to that mind set! And if you look at what is planned and the music choices above, you only know that is true as well! Glee Season 3 Kicks Off TONIGHT AT 8 PM ON FOX! Don’t miss America’s hottest TV show in an epic new season!

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