Luner on Theatre LIVE Set to Hit the Airwaves

Our Big Announcement Is Here! Do you love Luner on Theatre? Do you sometimes wish you could talk to Luner on Theatre about particular Blog posts? Well, hold on tight folks. Luner on Theatre in Collaboration with the Wagner College Broadcast Group will begin bringing you a new radio talk show, Luner on Theatre LIVE!

Ridiculous? OH YEAH! Luner on Theatre is beyond excited to be heading to the airwaves! Luner on Theatre LIVE is a new radio show that has been in the works for several months now. Chris Luner came up with the idea of this talk show late last year which would be an on air radio show hosted by him for one hour once a week. Upon returning to Wagner College for a new year, Chris got into contact with Wagner College Broadcast Group (WCBG) and set plans in motion to make this show become reality. And now here we are! But what exactly is Luner on Theatre LIVE?

Luner on Theatre LIVE is a one hour long radio talk show that will be hosted by the creator of Luner on Theatre, Chris Luner aka me. If you had to ask me what this hour long radio talk show would be about, I’d say its probably going to be something quite ridiculous. In this hour, I’ll be playing doing quite a variety of things. Some of these things would include; Playing your favorite songs from Broadway shows, Talking about Broadway theatre, Wagner College Theatre topics and more! We’re going to have people call in to fuel discussions, answer questions and maybe even win some free prizes! Show Tickets? Anyone? We’re also working on setting up a line of Guest Appearances potentially as well as some calls from Wagner Alumni currently working in the theatre world. If you enjoy reading these Blog posts or reading these rants about particular topics, imagine that LIVE and thats what this show is going to be and MORE!

The hour long radio talk show will take place once a week on Sunday Nights from 9:00-10:00PM. If you attend Wagner College, you can actually turn to Channel 18 where you will be able to VIEW Luner on Theatre LIVE taking place in the studio. While we will not be playing directly to the camera (Considering this is a Radio show), you will be able to see my LIVE on air talking including my potential behavior whatever that may be. I have a feeling it will vary depending on subject.

AND if you’re not a Wagner College student on campus, there is still a way for you to listen in on Luner on Theatre LIVE! Wagner College Broadcast Group has an online forum where you can listen in on the current Broadcast taking place! However, right now there is a slight technical issue with this feature and it is not running! BUT, Luner on Theatre will be sure to let you know once this is backing up and running so if you are not at Wagner College, you can still experience this radio talk show! For those who can’t experience it, for now we’ll be Live Tweeting All Radio Broadcasts. We’ll also be sharing the number to call in on air so you can still be apart of the discussion and know what is going on! We hope this helps you out till that online listening is back up and running!

So, tune in this Sunday Night September 18th, 2011 for our FIRST EVER Luner on Theatre LIVE! We are EXTREMELY excited to be doing this! Something completely new and something that is really going to be a lot of fun for everyone! The show airs from 9:00-10:00 PM and we’re definitely planning on kicking things off with a bang! Want to know more about what that is though? You’ll just have to tune in Sunday Night to find out! We’d also like to throw out a huge Thank You! to Gina Ranalli who designed our fantastic logo for this new Radio show! You can check out more about the radio station and more on WCBG’s Official Website! That website will be updated soon to include information on Luner on Theatre LIVE! So, tune in Sunday Night for your favorite Blog with all your need to know theatre news LIVE! ON THE AIR! UNEDITED! LUNER ON THEATRE!

Beginning Sunday September 18th, 2011 at 9:00 PM


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