Luner Rumor: Nick Jonas Plans to Star in How to Succeed in Business

In one of the biggest kept secrets of the Broadway season and potentially the greatest Luner Rumor YET, Luner on Theatre has discovered secret plans ahead for a particular Broadway show. If you follow us on Twitter, we have been playing a guessing game with our followers for the past 3 days now as asked you to guess just what exactly this secret is. After guesses and hints we’re announcing that Nick Jonas is planning to step into the role of Pierpont Finch in How to Succeed in Business on Broadway upon Darren Criss’ exit from the production.

Nick Jonas, best known for being one of the Jonas Brothers, is an american singer and song writer. Nick Jonas has starred on Disney Channel in JONAS L.A. in addition to Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. Something Nick has done before that not many people knew of till recently is theatre. Nick’s roots believe it or not lay in theatre. He began performing on Broadway at the age of 7 in A Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim. He moved on to do multiple other productions on Broadway such as Annie Get Your Gun (Little Jake), Beauty and The Beast (Chip) and Les Miserable (Gavroche). Nick’s return to the stage came in 2010 when he returned to Les Miserable except this time he was in the West End doing it and he was playing the part of Marius Pontmercy. Nick continued this role right into the 25th Anniversary Concert at The O2 Arena filmed in late 2010.

I bet you had no idea how much theatre Nick Jonas actually did! Crazy right? Anyways, Nick’s most recent project over the summer included playing the role of Link Larkin in Hairspray at The Hollywood Bowl. He has still however been tweeting, @nickjonas, about things coming up in his life.

Or what does this one mean? Tell US Nick Jonas!

While they both essentially say the same thing, Nick Jonas is definitely up to something. His tour for his solo band Nick Jonas and the Administration ended last year and The Jonas Brothers themselves haven’t been up to too much lately. So where is Nick and what is he doing? That seems to be the main question.

In early 2011, was Nick Jonas hinting to his upcoming Broadway plans still close to a year away? In an interview with Extra, when asked about if he considered performing on Broadway again, Nick said the following:

“Yeah, you know, there is actually the possibility of a couple of things in the future. It is all about the right timing and the right show, and to have it be good in that moment. But I could be back here soon so just keep your eye out!”

Keep your eye out? Why would we keep our eye out when there is no definite plans in the future? Must have meant Jonas was working on something then. And when it comes to the right timing and the right show, lets break this down. Jonas, no offense, does not fit into the hit hilarious comedy The Book of Mormon and most definitely would not have suited up in drag for Sister Act. Catch Me If You Can‘s ticket of Tveit and Butz is golden and probably would not have been touched besides the fact that the show is currently set to close September 4th and it would simply be just wrong for him to be in Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.

Jonas does however fit into the role of Pierpont Finch in How to Succeed. Not sure about that? Just look at the two people who have just recently played the part before him. Daniel Radcliffe and Darren Criss. Daniel Radcliffe, best known for his screen presence as Harry Potter, has been connected to How to Succeed’s revival since its beginnings on Broadway. And at that, he has been very good. While he did not get the Tony nomination for his performance however, critics and fans a like have been surprised to find the ease in which Radcliffe finds himself singing and dancing on stage.

Click here to View to 2011 Tony Awards Performance of How to Succeed!

And it most recently announced this summer that upon Radcliffe’s departure come January 1st, Youtube hit and Glee star Darren Criss would step up into the role for a limited engagement of 3 weeks only! However, How to Success has not announced any plans for a replacement after Criss. Luner on Theatre discovered this news and is happy to be bringing it to you! The only shame is that Jonas has not had some sort of Potter experience considering Radcliffe IS Harry Potter in the hit films and Criss has played Potter in the youtube hit series A Very Potter Musical.

So, thats all for now folks! If anyone now asks you about this production or Nick  Jonas, you now have plenty to chat about. I have no doubt in my mind that Jonas will be decent in this production, however, I’m going to save my thoughts for a later blog post. Be sure to check back sometime soon for that. And don’t forget folks, you heard it here first. Luner Rumor Strikes Again bringing you all the Broadway Buzz before it may even hit the rumor mills! For more official information, check out How to Succeed in Business’s Official Broadway Website. And for all your theatre news you need to know and more, continue to check out Luner on Theatre!

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