Upper Darby Summer Stage Presents Disney’s Mulan Jr.

Travel to Ancient China this week with Upper Darby Summer Stage as the Summer theatre program launches into its second week of children’s theatre productions! And this week, besides the fact that nothing is written in stone, Upper Darby Summer Stage will tell the classic Disney tale of the girl who just wouldn’t stand for just being a girl. This week at Summer Stage, travel with us to Ancient China as we tell the centuries old story of Mulan Jr.!

What is Summer Stage? Click Here to Find Out!

Upper Darby Summer Stage is a nationally recognized theatre program that each year produces six children’s theatre shows, 1 main stage production, a night of one acts and a combined dance troupe/cabaret show. The program, now in its 36th year, was created by executive and artistic director Harry Dietzler. The program has over 700 participants and 100 staff members.

Click Here to View a Preview Trailer of Mulan Jr at Summer Stage!

Mulan follows the story of a young girl that would not settle for simply being a girl. As China comes under attack from Shan Yu and the ruthless huns, China works to build an army to defend the Emperor, The Imperial City and the nation itself. Under the command of  Captain Shang, the Chinese army goes from family to family taking men to fight for the nation. However, Mulan steps in to take her fathers place who is too old to fight. She disguises herself as a man and learns the ways of a warrior. However, Will it be discovered she is actually a women? If so, the punishment is death. As Mulan risks all to defend her family and nation, Will China fall to Shan Yu and the Huns or will Mulan save the day? Find out this week at Summer Stage!

Photo By: Cate Paxson

The production is the second for Upper Darby’s childrens theatre season which consists of six shows. For this production,  Dawn Morningstar directs and choreographs the ancient tale. Also choreographing aspects of the production is Angela Wertner. Allyson Mercer musically directs the production and Jared Paxson stage manages. Mulan’s technical team features a set design by Amanda Knehans, a lighting design by David Todaro and costume design by Moriah Smith. The unit set Summer Stag will use all summer was designed by Lindsey Mayer. Disney’s Mulan Jr. also features over 70 performers for Summer Stage.

So, be sure to come see Upper Darby Summer Stage’s production of Mulan Jr.! If you are a family and have children and are in the area, Summer Stage is definitely a place you should visit this summer! We hope to give your child the magical experience of live theatre through our childrens theatre performances! And we most definitely hope we can do that for you this summer! Camp Rockwill run July 13th, 14th and 15th at the Upper Darby Performing Arts CentersAll shows are at 10:30 AM. There is also an evening show on July 14th at 7:30 PM! For more information, you can check out Summer Stage’s Official Website. Luner on Theatre will continue to bring you Summer Stage news all summer long so be sure to stay tuned for yet another magical season!

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