Note from the Editor: Luner on Theatre Returns and Sets Summer Agenda

Hello Everyone! If you have or haven’t noticed, this summer has been a little Blog less here at Luner on Theatre! However, we have a good reason for that and thats why we’re bringing you one of our first Blog News Articles today! After some serious consideration, Luner on Theatre has finally set its sights on what we will do to continue to bring you your Theatre News for Summer 2011! But what exactly are those plans?

What will we be covering this Summer?

In celebration of how much theatre takes place over these short 3 summer months, Luner on Theatre will be bringing you what is taking place theatre wise over the summer! I know now you’re sitting there and saying “But you already do that.” What we mean is, we will be bringing you shows taking place all over the country! SO, if you are involved or working on a show this summer, LET US KNOW! We will try and do our best to feature your production on our blog!

New York City/Broadway News:

Since Broadway is in more of a dull these Summer months and not much news is taking place, Starting TOMORROW Luner on Theatre will be bringing you a “Week in Review” article everything theatre wise in New York that took place in the past week! However, there are still some pretty big ideas happening and rumors circulating so those will have their own articles still!

Luner Rumors:

Luner Rumors will of course still be taking place over the summer! We have a couple new juicy ones coming up this week so make sure you stay tuned for that! We also have some exciting news coming up for this section of our blog that we can’t tell you just yet! So keep checking back!

Vote for Luner on Theatre as BEST LOCAL BLOGGER:

Luner on Theatre is running in the 2011 Philly’s HOT LIST contest for Best Local Blogger! You are only able to vote once so we need everyone to go to the site and just vote for us! Its simple, just enter your email address and password and you can log in to vote for us! It would be amazing if we got into the Top 5 and we need your help to do that! Maybe even Win? GO VOTE! Click Here to Vote for Luner on Theatre as Best Local Blogger for Philly’s 2011 HOT LIST!

Email Subscribers:

Hello Email Subscribers! Thank you for getting Luner on Theatre straight to your email and supporting our blog in that sense! I just wanted to let you all know, sometimes in the process of emailing out the blog articles, the pictures and format of it all get a little funky! I just wanted to make sure you knew that and if you want to see how it is actually placed, check out the blog! But otherwise, thank you for your support!

Final Thoughts

Anyways, that is really all for now! I just wanted to personally talk to everyone and let you know what was going on with the blog. I also would like to say a giant thank you to everyone who views this page daily or once a week! Your support is truly appreciated and I hope you stay with us as some exciting things come up in these next few weeks! Thanks Everyone and Check Out the Blog!

– Chris Luner

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