Titanic Prepares to Set Sail at Summer Stage (Rehearsal Shots)

Luner on Theatre is going all out for Upper Darby Summer Stage’s 36th Magical Season! The Main Stage production, which is ususally a Broadway musical put on by adults ages 18 to 28, is always one of the highest points of the season. This year, Upper Darby Summer Stage is kicking off the 100th Anniversary celebration with Titanic: the Musical. Telling the epic story of the infamous ocean liner which claimed to be “Unsinkable”, Titanic’s voyage has left generations filled with wonder, obsession and stories to tell. Summer Stage will bring you all that and more this summer in our rendition of the production!

Luner on Theatre has been given permission to come to several rehearsals leading up to Titanic to bring you rehearsal shots of this epic production! And here is our first installment! We’ll also be bringing you interviews with the staff and chats with the cast and this maiden voyage for summer stage, prepares to set saill!

Director Marcus Stevens works with Kevin Toniazzo-Naughton and Lauren McKeown

Director Marcus Stevens and Jeff Familetti

Music Director Gina Giachero plays while Kevin Toniazzo-Naughton sings "The Launching"

Director Marcus Stevens works with the men during "The Launching" Sequence

Director Marcus Stevens tries to truly capture Titanic's Epic Size

And there we are! There are some sneak peek photos into the making of Titanic‘s epic voyage planning to take place this summer at Upper Darby Summer Stage! Luner on Theatre will continue to bring you more as we go behind the scenes into the making of Titanic this year at Summer Stage! Be sure to stay tuned for more Luner on Theatre updates and for more official information, check out Summer Stage’s Official Website!

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