Wagner College Theatre Students and Others Present I’ll Cover You; A Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Benefit

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the delay in Blog posts! But WE’RE BACK! Luner on Theatre is also very excited to bring you this article today because it is one of a kind! Today is a very special day for a group of college students in California. Tonight, at the Carrie Hamilton Theatre at the Pasadena Playhouse, a group of Wagner College students and other college performers will stand up to help Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids in a benefit cabaret titled I’ll Cover You.

As previously mentioned, I’ll Cover You is a benefit cabaret taking place TONIGHT in California. So to any of my followers on the West Coast within driving range of this, you better be there! This is a cabaret you don’t want to miss with all the talent packed into a cabaret.

Click Here to View a Cabaret Preview for I’ll Cover You

The entire idea and production has been put together by Allison Dufford who is entering her Junior year at Wagner College in New York City where she is pursuing a major in Theatre Performance. Allison is a Pasadena resident who has somehow attracted college students from both the East and West coast for a night to benefit an incredible cause in one show.

The list of performs for the night range from students currently at Wagner to someone who has already been on a national tour. This night promises to be full of talent, fun and emotion. The performers are Karin Bryeans (Wagner College), Allison Dufford (Wagner College), Michael Garamoni (Wagner College), Coby Getzug (Moritz, Spring Awakening 2nd National Tour), Conor Guzman (University of Michigan), Paige Howell (Wagner College), Max King (Wagner College), Olivia Puckett (Wagner College), and Celeste Rose (Ithaca College).

But what exactly will they be singing? While I can’t give away a set list of the songs you will hear tonight, plan on hearing songs from some of your favorite new Broadway productions and even songs by new musical theatre composers. Ranging from RENT to Next to Normal to Footloose, this cabaret will feature Broadway at its best.

Allison has also gone out of her way to contact Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids to receive merchandise that can be given out in a silent auction that will take place before the show tonight at 6:30 PM. Remember: All Proceeds go to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. Everyone should go buy some very awesome Broadway items that have been given to Allison for tonight’s auction.

Allison has also set up a wordpress account if you are interested in seeing more information about this benefit cabaret. Check out the Official Blog for I’ll Cover You. Also, the address for tonight’s show is Pasadena Playhouse’s Carrie Hamilton Theatre, 39 South El Molino Ave. The show begins promptly at  7 PM with a silent auction beginning at 6:30 PM. Despite the fact that I sadly can not be there, I know this cabaret will be incredible. Ranging from these people who just care about this cause to the production numbers you’ll see on stage tonight, do not miss this cabaret! Luner on Theatre would like to wish luck to all the performers tonight in I’ll Cover You especially because we’re on the other side of the country! However, we could not be more proud of you all!

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  • Thanks Chris. The performers are in rehearsal now. They’re excited to be part of this great cause. Anyone near Pasadena, come see these remarkable students.

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