Tony Time: Luner’s 2011 Tony Award Predictions

AH! It’s finally here! Its the day of The Tony Awards! How Exciting! Luner on Theatre has a huge day ahead here keeping you up to date on all the latest Tony news as the day goes on and into the night for the Tony Awards ceremony itself! But first, yesterday we brought you our wish list of who we wanted to see win in the categories for 2011. But today, we bring you our 2011 Tony Award Predictions as we guess who will bring home the honors in tonight’s celebration of American theatre!

It took me quite some time to work on this. As I have mentioned multiple times before, this season on Broadway is outstanding! I really can’t begin to say enough about it! (In case you haven’t or mostly likely HAD noticed!) But, it is very difficult to think who will win these awards when there is so much talent, dedication, emotion and more involved. It was quite a task but I have made my guesses and here they are! (Drumroll Please!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Luner’s 2011 Tony Award Predictions are:

And there they are! Luner’s 2011 Tony Award Predictions! Tonight will be very exciting to see who wins what and how close I am to being correct! I feel as though I might have spread out the awards a bit more then people expect to happen tonight! Tell Me what you think of my Winners! Am I close or do you think one show will sweep?

Anyways, Luner on Theatre will be bringing you up to minute coverage today on everything taking place today around and about The Tony Awards. Stay tuned for Broadway’s biggest night and everything leading up to show, minute by minute updates, performances and the aftermath with who will take home the biggest honors. For even more information on The Tony Awards, check out The Tony Awards Official Website. And stay tuned to Luner on Theatre all day today as we bring you stories left and right about the Tony Awards, TONIGHT!

Who Will Win The Tony Tonight?

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