Tony Time: Tony Award Categories That Should Exist

Each year at The Tony Awards, dozens upon dozens of awards are given out honoring artists for their work which the Broadway community and The American Theatre Wing would like to acknowledge. From performers to designers, everyone is recognized as much as possible with the time they have and the limits set annually by the Tony Committee. However, have you ever thought “Hey! There should be a Tony Category for that!”. You have!? So have we! And thats what today’s article is all about!

You’d think with the amount of awards The Tony’s already gives away people would be happy enough with what is recognized but no! We want more! There are easily several categories everyone agrees on that should be actual awards and then there are a several other just a few think about! Listed below is what Luner on Theatre thinks should become actual Tony Categories:

Best Special Effects: This award would be absolutely fantastic considering the current day technology that takes place on Broadway today. This special effect however does not have to be technology driven. All it need be is a piece of art created or used on stage that not only enhances the story but wows the audience consistently through out the production. This effect should also be vital to the story in how it is used by the characters working around and with this effect. Such fantastic examples for this year would be the Puppetry of War Horse or the Bus featured in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Both major pieces of the production that have absolutely “WOW”ed audiences with their use of effects and how much those effects have truly changed the audiences show experience.

Broadway Breakout: This award would be specifically geared to those who are younger who perform in Broadway productions. Whether it be a child or teenager, those who have specifically stood out with extreme talent for such a young age should be honored during their breakout year in whatever show they are in. Also, if they have been on Broadway before but are in a new show they could be honored. A prime example would be Jeremy Gumbs who was featured in The Scottsboro Boys earlier this year. This young boy left audiences in awe for his performance of the youngest of 9 black men convicted guilty of a crime they did not commit in this incredible, horrid and inspiring true story from American history.

Best Technical Execution: This award would be specifically geared towards the run crew of current Broadway productions. While there are awards to honor sets, lights, costumes and sound, there is no award to honor those who make it all work each night. This award would be presented to which ever show overall gives of the best technical execution. If you’re wondering how to judge this, maybe watching a show’s scene changes and transitions from place to place or song to song. Those that were smooth and seemed natural are those most likely to be honored. This would also most likely include the Stage Manager of productions which would be nice for them considering no real Tony Award exists for them because it cannot.A good example would be Catch Me If You Can and its excellent transition and overall technical execution. This production is renowned enough to have gained a Tony nomination for Best Musical this year.

Best Ensemble for a Play & Musical: This award, which would be two split categories with one for plays and one for musicals, would honor the ensemble of current productions on Broadway that have shinned. While there are currently awards to honor those leading and supporting the production for both men and women, there is nothing for those who are behind them the entire show. The ensemble is such an important role in the story telling of a musical and sometimes themselves steal the show because they are just that good. Perfect nominations for this year for a play would be the ensemble of The Normal Heart or That Championship Season. Perfect examples this year for a musical would have to be either the ensemble of The Book of Mormon or Catch Me If You Can. All four of these productions feature ensembles with enormous talent that fill the stage no matter what theatre they are in.

Musical Number of the Year: This award is an award that would be honored to a show for having hands down, thee best musical number on Broadway that year. This award would actually become so difficult to rank and have such meaning that it would most likely rank among other top awards for the night. This award would be specifically for numbers that just absolutely bring down the house. Whether it causes the audience to stand up and sing a long or leaves them on their feet applauding at the end, the Musical Number of the Year Award is the most outstanding musical number currently on Broadway. Also, it would be most interesting in a year like this. Ranging from Anything Goes‘  “Blow Gabriel Blow” to Catch Me If You Can‘s “Don’t Break The Rules” to The Book of Mormon‘s “Hasa Diga Eebowai”, this year on Broadway has brought down the house more then ever! This award should be seriously considering for those numbers that just put a show over the top and really bring to life that Broadway feeling by quite literally stopping the show.

And that is all of our award suggestions! So what do you think? Do any of these awards sound good to you? Tell us what you would like to see actually become a real Tony Award! Or do you have an idea for a Tony Award category? Tell us your idea for a Tony Award!

While we may just be saying this because they were our ideas, Luner on Theatre does like to think some of categories listed above by us should be real categories. As previously reported on on Luner on Theatre, The Tony Awards have experienced many changes with awards consistently being adding and dropped. Check out our “Tony Time: The Tony Awards You Do And Don’t Know About” article to get the full scoop on the awards history! Anyways, thats all for now folks! Don’t forget to tune into Broadway’s biggest night The Tony Awards this Sunday Night June 12th at 8 PM!! You don’t wanna miss this amazing show! For more information on the awards, check out The Tony Awards Official Website. And be sure to stay tuned to Luner on Theatre as we finish up and cover everything Tony wise up till the final winners and more!


  • There should be a “Tony Award for Best Stage Manager”

  • I would stongly urge reincluding/reinsating the Best Music Director/Best Conductor category. As the second or third most important member of the artistic staff, the Tony’s do this position no favors by marginalizing its contribution. As any good Music Director will tell you the position is equally creative, but in a different way, as the Directing and Choregraphic positions. Shame on the Tony’s for not acknowledging this and rectifying their error.

  • I would like to see a “Best Dance Captian” or a “Best Dancer” (male/female) category. I know you were getting at that with the “Best Ensemble” award but the dance captains work their crazy little butts off to make sure the choreography is kept fresh, precise, and maintained. They know every track along with the swings and know how to play “musical tracks” with everyone in the cast. It’s amazing the work they do.

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