Meet the Cast: 5th Avenue Theatre Announces Full Cast for Disney’s Aladdin

Disney fans around the country have been excited for months now over the idea of a stage musical version of Aladdin being launched this Summer in Seattle after being announced in early January 2011. However, besides major creative team announcements, not really anything else is know about this production! However, the genie’s smoke cleared a little more yesterday as Disney announced their full cast line up for their newest stage musical spectacular Aladdin.

So who exactly will bring Disney’s Arabian Nights to life in Seattle this summer? Let’s Meet the Cast…

Rift rat Adam Jacobs will led the entire production causing mischief and mayhem as Aladdin himself! Jacobs is no stranger to Disney Theatricals having played Simba in the National Tour of The Lion King. He was also seen on Broadway as Marius in the 2006 revival of the legendary Les Miserables. Jacobs has starred in multiple National Tours and is a familiar face to the New York City theatre scene. I am extremely excited for Jacobs in the role of Aladdin not due to how experienced he is already but just from who he appears to be. His young eagerness is exactly the type of person you need for an Aladdin character. Jacobs will shine as the young boy exploring the world around him and falling in love unexpectedly.

Playing the perfect princess, Courtney Reed will star as Jasmine in the production as the girl that always wants something more and finds that with Aladdin. Reed was mostly recently seen as Carla in In The Heights on Broadway. Besides the fact that Reed looks like a princess, her voice will bring to life and distance from the voice of the movie everyone was so used to. You can click here to listen to Reed sing at a Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Cabaret. I am very excited for Reed to play Jasmine in the production considering how much she brings to life the beautiful princess Jasmine is from just her looks. And I’m not trying to sound terrible. Also, from listening to her sing, I believe she will truly bring to life Jasmine in such an enchanting way. This is a Disney princess people have longed to see brought to life and Reed is the right person to do that.

As if you couldn’t get enough of him in the current hit Broadway musical MemphisJames Monroe Iglehart is signed on to play the Genie in this upcoming production of Aladdin. Currently starring on Broadway as Bobby in the 2010 Tony Award winning Best Musical Memphis, Iglehart is no stranger to theatre and performing. He also starred as Mitch Mahoney in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee on Broadway and has been seen as The Lion in The Wiz for Encores! I have seen Memphis on Broadway twice with Iglehart in it and his is absolutely hilarious! Hands down stealing the scenes he is in, Iglehart will bring the comical Genie to life with ease as he messes with Aladdin but also helps truly bring to life that Disney magic on stage. If you’ve never heard him sing before, click here to listen to Iglehart sing a classic Broadway song. I hope you guys like it! I know his performance will truly shine.

Hands down one of the most exciting aspects of this production deals with the evil side of it! Cast as the  Royal Vizier Jafar is Jonathan Freeman who returns to bring to life the character of who he voiced in the original Disney film! How exciting to not only have some of that original disney magic but also evil to really help bring to life this stage version of Aladdin! Freeman is also definitely no stranger to Disney theatricals have starred in almost every single Broadway production of theirs. I absolutely can’t wait to see how Freeman brings to life the character he voiced over a decade ago. I think this performance will absolutely steal the production! This man is one to watch out for. You can click here to view some of Freeman’s original work as Jafar in the Aladdin movie.

Also, something very exciting about this production is the fact that many of the original faces to help create the movie will be on board! I mean…come’on. When Disny does something, they do it right. That being said, they have decided to put into this production three characters that were originally cut from the film. Those characters names are Omar, Babkak, and Kassim. What do they do exactly? Thats a great question! We haven’t seemed to figure it out yet but once we know what they will be doing, you will know too! I have a feeling they may be playing along in some sort of narrator role. Anyways, playing those parts will be Andrew Keenan-BolgerBrian Gonzales, and Brandon O’Neill. Again, once we find out what exactly their roles are we will be announcing that as well. Also, Seattle native Seán G. Griffin is set to be the Sultan.

And don’t forget that while Disney’s Aladdin is only in Seattle for this summer…it might be headed to another place sooner then you think. Don’t know what I mean? Check out why Luner on Theatre thinks that  soon more people will be able to see Aladdin then just residents of Seattle this summer. Let us know what you think about this potential idea in the works.

And there folks is your lead line up for the Summer 2011 production of Disney’s Aladdin at Seattles 5th Avenue Theatre. Luner on Theatre will be featuring articles all summer long about this new production as new details emerge and opening night approaches. Opening Night at the 5th Avenue Theatre is set for July 7th, 2011! We will also be covering any more exciting Disney news you need to know! For any more information about Aladdin, Check Out the 5th Avenue Theatre’s Official Website. And stay tuned to Luner on Theatre of course for all the latest and greatest Broadway news and more!

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