All Aboard! Auditions for Titanic June 6th at Upper Darby Summer Stage!

Calling All Performers! Upper Darby Summer Stage is holding auditions for its 36th Season Mainstage production of Titanic: the Musical. Summer Stage has released the following statement about Titanic; “In anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s fateful voyage, we proudly present an epic musical that won 5 Tony Awards in 1997 including Best Musical, Best Book and Best Score. Director Marcus Stevens (Ragtime) will mount this sweeping musical depicting the maiden voyaage of the largest floating object of its time and the dramatic stories of her passengers and crew as they face an unimaginable fate. Summer Stage will invest this production with a cast of incredible voices, a full orchestra, professional quality costumes, sets and lighting and that special Summer Stage Magic.”

Listed below is all the information you will need in order to audition:

Auditions are open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 28.
There is a $25 registration fee if you are cast in the production.
Auditions June 6 at 7:00pm with callbacks June 7
Rehearsals begin June 8th and run Monday thru Thursday evenings, 7 pm to 10:15 pm.
Performances are July 29 & 30, and August 5 & 6.

Song Selection: 16-32 bars. Titanic is a contemporary musical, but it falls in between the traditional and contemporary musical genres. The music requires a legit (not pop) sound. Here’s a list of composers you should look at, and those composers you should avoid.
Good Composers: • Bernstein (West Side Story, Wonderful Town, On The Town, Candide)• Rodgers and Hammerstein (Oklahoma!, Allegro, Carousel, South Pacific)• Lerner and Loewe (Brigadoon, My Fair Lady, Camelot)• Bock and Harnick (Fiorello!, She Loves Me, Fiddler on the Roof)• Sondheim (Forum, Company, A Little Night Music, Sweeney Todd, Follies)• Styne (Gypsy, Bells are Ringing, Funny Girl)• Flaherty and Ahrens (Ragtime, Anastasia)• Schwartz (Rags, Children of Eden)• Yeston (Nine, Phantom, Titanic)
Composers to Avoid: Jason Robert Brown, Jonathan Larson, Cole Porter, Jeff Blumenkrantz, Georgia Stitt, Andrew Lloyd Webber, David Yazbek, Kerrigan and Lowdermilk.
Please pick an audition song that: Shows vocal range and showcases what your voice does best. Pick something that you know you can sing to the best of your ability.• Allows you to ACT. Tell a story. Read the lyrics of the songs you are choosing and do the song that you connect with emotionally. TREAT THE SONG LIKE A MONOLOGUE.• Showcases you for the character/characters you’re interested in. If you want to be seen for Andrews, find a ballad. If you want to be seen for Alice Beane, find something uptempo and funny.

Audition Etiquette:• DRESS UP. Girls should wear dresses or at least dress pants and dress shoes. Boys should at least wear dress pants, a dress shirt and dress shoes. AUDITIONS ARE LIKE JOB INTERVIEWS.  LOOK YOUR BEST.• TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Prepare. Be off book. Have your music in a binder with the beginning and end of your cut labeled clearly for the pianist. Bring your dance clothes in a bag with you so you can change for a dance call.• REMEMBER THAT YOUR AUDITION BEGINS THE MOMENT YOU WALK IN. Be yourself. Be friendly. Show us your forethought, your preparation and confidence. Oh…and have fun too!

Please feel free to email Marcus Stevens (Director) at with any questions you may have, and  email Eric Thompson (Vocal Coach) at if you have any questions regarding song selections!

Any conflicts or questions regarding auditions should be sent to the Stage Manager Allie Steele at

Not sure what Titanic is all about? Listed below we have a character breakdown provided from the Upper Darby Summer Stage website! Check out all the characters to see what each part fully entails and expected in each part.

All characters must be strong actors and singers. First-Class Passengers and the Moirai must be excellent dancers.

The Moirai: Characters of Marcus and Abby’s invention. Three (female) fates that control the Titanic’s destiny. Must be excellent dancer/actors who can tell a clear story through movement.

  • Nona: Spinner of Life
  • Decima: Drawer of Lots
  • Morta: Death

Thomas Andrews: Titanic’s Designer/Builder (sings In Every Age, Andrew’s Vision, The Blame)
J. Bruce Ismay: The Owner. Formidable. (sings The Blame)
Captain E. J. Smith: Titanic’s Captain, making his last voyage for White Star. (sings The Blame)

Third-Class Passengers:

  • The Three Kates:
    • Kate McGowan: Young, Irish. Brazen. Pursues Jim Farrell. (sings Lady’s Maid)
    • Kate Mullins: Irish. A little older and wiser than McGowan. (sings Lady’s Maid)
    • Kate Murphy: Irish. The youngest of the three. (sings Lady’s Maid)
  • Jim Farrell: Irishman seeking a new life in America. Falls for Kate McGowan. (selected solos)

Second-Class Passengers:

  • Alice Beane: Longs to rub elbows with the rich. (sings First-Class Roster, I Have Danced)
  • Edgar Beane: Alice’s No-nonsense husband. (sings I Have Danced)
  • Charles Clark: Young British Journalist, in love with Caroline. (selected solos)
  • Caroline Neville: Young British Aristocrat, in love with Charles. (selected solos)

First-Class Passengers:

  • Isador Straus: The owner of Macy’s Department Store. (Sings Still)
  • Ida Straus: Isador’s Wife. Devoted. (Sings Still)
  • John J. Astor & Medeleine Astor: An American Millionaire and his young wife.
  • Benjamin Guggenheim & Mme. Aubert: An American Millionaire and his mistress.
  • John B. Thayer, Marion Thayer & Jack Thayer: Prominent Pennsylvania Family
  • George Widener & Eleanor Widener: The Richest Man in Philadelphia and his wife
  • Charlotte Cardoza: a mysterious millionaire widow.
  • Others: Edith Corse Evans, J.H. Rogers, The Major

Officers, Crew and Serving Staff:

  • First Officer Murdoch: A Scottsman. Overwhelmed by his duties. (sings To Be Captain)
  • Harold Bride: Radioman. Soft-spoken, good-natured. (sings The Night was Alive)
  • Frederick Barrett: Stoker. Young, headstrong. (sings Barrett’s Song, The Proposal)
  • Frederick Fleet: Lookout. Young, eager. (sings No Moon)
  • Henry Etches: Senior First Class Steward. Stuffy. (sings What A Remarkable Age)
  • Wallace Hartley: Bandmaster. Violin/Piano playing preferable. (sings Autumn, The Latest Rag)
  • Bandsmen Taylor and Bricoux: Cello/string players preferable. (sing The Latest Rag)
  • Stewardess Hutchinson & Stewardess Robinson: First Class Staff. (sing Dressed in Your Pyjamas)
  • Others: Second Officer Lightoller, Third Officer Pittman, Quartermaster Hitchens, Bellboy, Stevadore, Joseph Bell, etc.

So, if you’re a performer in the Philadelphia area this summer, we hope to see you at Titanic Auditions on June 6th at 7:00 PM! Wanna know more about Titanic at Upper Darby Summer Stage? Luner on Theatre will be bring you constant updates ranging from Meet the Staff to Rehearsal Updates! Stayed Tuned as we cover this Exciting Production! This production promises to be fantastic ranging from the staff, to the technical aspects to the future cast! Summer Stage delivers when it comes to their Mainstage productions and Titanic will only further that point to everyone! Don’t forget: June 6th at 7:00 PM, BE THERE! For more information about Upper Darby Summer Stage’s 36th Magical Season, Check Out

Set Sail with Upper Darby Summer Stage as We Tell the Epic Story of the Legendary Unsinkable Ship

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