Glee Heads to New York City for Nationals! Season 2 Finale Tonight!

Tonight on Fox, Glee brings you its most anticipated and most expensive episode to date. The Glee gang who has now worked for two years to reach this place, will travel to New York City to battle some of the fiercest show choirs in the nation at nationals. Filmed in Times Square, Lincoln Center, The Gershwin Theatre and so much more, six million dollars has gone into the making of this episode as Glee holds nothing back. TONIGHT is what is all comes down to!

Click Here to View a Preview of Glee in New York City

Did you just scream?! I know I did! After 2 years of practice, drama, loss, negativity and hope, the New Directions glee club will finally make their dream of going to New York City for nationals a reality. However, they have to now battle to prove they are the nations number one show choir. And Glee does this by breaking out even more original songs performed by the New Directions. Also, there will even be a number by Mr. Schuester from Matt Morrison’s newly released CD. With all the recent drama in past weeks and the possibility of the club derailing at any moment, can they do it?

Click Here to See the Glee Gang Tear Up New York City

Tonight’s episode really brings out all the stops! Proving to be the most expensive Glee episode yet, previously mentioned at six million dollar, Glee will take you to some of your favorite sights in New York City ranging from Times Square to the stage of the hit Broadway musical Wicked. We see the return of Sunshine and Vocal Adrenaline which means we’ll also be seeing Cheyenne Jackson. Don’t forget the lovably but mostly hated Jonathan Groff as Jeese St. James will be on hand to evaluate every little thing the Glee club does and stand by Schuester’s side as the nationals drama explodes into an unscripted moment. But what exactly?! You’ll have to watch tonight to find out!

What music will Glee be performing at nationals? Say hello to some more original songs….


Light Up The World

As Long As You’re There

Bella Notte

Still Got Tonight

So much music and so much Glee all amounting into one EPIC Season 2 finale for Glee! However, just because Glee is over doesn’t mean Luner on Theatre is done with Glee! We will be posting a reaction note to the second half of season 2 within the upcoming days after viewing the season finale tonight! The note will feature our thoughts on Glee and much more. You’ll wanna come back for that. Also, considering Glee is already signed on for a third season, Luner on Theatre will be bringing you all the juicy details, rumors and confirmed new stories for the upcoming and final season of Glee! Stayed tuned to Luner on Theatre for all your latest Glee news and rumors! And tune in TONIGHT to Fox at 8 PM for the Season 2 Finale of Glee!

Celebrate with Glee as they hit NYC and Nationals!

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