Glee Prepares for a Funeral and Nationals! Episode Preview!

Ut oh! With only 2 weeks of Glee left for season 2, things are getting crazy for Glee a week before the New Directions club heads to New York City for nationals. After training for almost 2 years for this moment,will things derail this week at McKinley as the Glee club needs to unite now more then ever or will the show choir that could rise above?

Click Here to View a Preview of this week’s Glee!

After week after week recently of hot episodes, this week’s Glee might derail everything this club has worked for all season. Between the return of more familiar faces and the hard break down before nationals, Glee club this week gets serious. Jeese St. James returns as a consultant to Mr. Schuester and the Glee club taking down all the padding and getting real with the Glee kids even if it hurts. The club will figure out who their best performers are and gear nationals in that direction. However, will some members of the Glee club leave if they dont get what they want? And why is this episode called funeral? Yes, thats right; there is another potential death on the horizon folks!

What new music will Glee perform this Week?

Pure Imagination

Some People

Back to Black

Try a Little Tenderness

My Man

Interesting song line up for this week, right? Oh, and of course don’t forget that while the Glee club works to have success, your and my favorite villian Jane Lynch as Coach Sylvester will be working to bring them crashing down to the ground! Or maybe even death? Guess you’ll have to check out how it all makes sense tonight as Glee prepares for its biggest moment in its first 2 seasons! Glee brings it and breaks it all out tonight in one of the best episodes of the season! Tune in Tonight on FOX at 8 PM for a Brand New Glee!

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