Justice At Last? Scottsboro Boys to Premiere on West Coast

Attention West Coast Theatre Lovers! In one of the most exciting announcements since scoring 12 Tony nominations 2 weeks ago, producers have announced a future life for the renowned production of The Scottsboro Boys which played on Broadway in the fall of 2010 for a short period. The production will play California for the Summer of 2012 allowing the West Coast to experience the story. However, with even more future plans in the works to tour the production, Will America finally know the true story of The Scottsboro Boys.

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The Scottsboro Boys is a musical based off of the real life trail of the Scottsboro Boys. The musical features a book by David Thompson with music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb. The legendary team collaborated renown director and choreographer Susan Stroman to create the piece beginning back in 2002. However, due to the death of Fred Ebb in 2004, the project was put on hold. In 2008, John Kander contacted Stroman and Thompson to finish the project. Kander finished the lyrics in Ebb’s place.

The production began Off-Broadway at The Vineyard Theatre on February 12th, 2010 officially opening there March 10th, 2010. The production ran as a limited engagement and was directed/choreograhed by Susan Stroman. Due to the popularity, the production moved to Minneapolis during the summer playing there for its pre-Broadway try out. The production moved to Broadway beginning previews on October 7th, 2010. It officially opened October 31st, 2010 to rave reviews. The production closed on December 12th, 2010 after only playing 29 previews and 49 regular performances. For some reason or another, the production played for such a short time on Broadway but received ridiculous amounts of praise. So that, producers of the show said, was not going to be the end. This was not the end of the story for The Scottsboro Boys. Justice would be served.

While producers were in talks to bring the production back to Broadway in time for the Tony Awards and launching a national tour as well, nothing ever really panned out. However, everything changed on May 3rd, 2011.

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The Scottsboro Boys scored 12 Tony Nominations for the 2011 Tony Awards. The production that forever changed Broadway was not forgotten was many feared it would. It has now also been confirmed The Scottsboro Boys will play California next summer.

The production will play San Diego’s The Old Globe Theatre from April 22nd to June 3rd, 2012. The production will then move to San Francisco to play the American Conservatory Theatre from June 19th to July 15th, 2012. The entire original creative team will reunite to create these productions for the West Coast.

The Scottsboro Boys is a musical that brings to life one of the biggest unknown trials in American history. The story is of 9 young black boys who were held after being convicted of raping two white women in the South during the depression. Despite their innocence, the boys were all held in jail for some time. While over time some of them were freed, one never made it out. And while 8 of the 9 boys made it out, they weren’t free from the terror they experienced. Their story is not only terrifying, shocking but inspiring in one of greatest pieces of original musical theatre to be brought to the stage in over a decade.

Luner on Theatre has also learned that the producers of The Scottsboro Boys are talking to venues in Seattle, Chicago and Boston about potentially bringing the production to life there as well. When asked if The Scottsboro Boys was aiming to return to Broadway for a limited time in 2010, lead producer Barry Weissler said “Well, we hope so“.

Luner on Theatre will keep you updated on all of the latest news surrounding The Scottsboro Boys. I have to say to anyone on the West Coast who loves theatre, go see this production. you will not regret it. I bought tickets for one of the final days the minute I heard the production was closing and feel blessed I was able to experience it. This production is like nothing else that exists in musical theatre. For more information about The Scottsboro Boys, check back to Luner on Theatre or visit The Scottsboro Boys Website.


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