Glee Premieres More Original Music! (Audio)

Hello Glee fans! While it may not be Tuesday yet, Luner on Theatre has some exciting new Glee news for you! Every once in a while, Glee will do something that tests the water of the music world. Earlier this season, Glee premiered world original music that changed not only the Glee season but the music world. The show that is known for its outstanding covers of other artists songs wrote its own music for the first time and couldn’t have hit the target more.  So, Glee has produced more more original music.

When Glee premiered its original music earlier this season, fans were excited but mostly nervous. I’m not sure which song deserves more praise but Glee’s “Get it Right” and “Loser Like Me” but scored with the Glee community beyond what was expected. But what does this new Glee music sound like?

Luner on Theatre has obtained the following audio clips to the newest original songs created by the Glee team. These songs will both be used in the season finale. They are titled:

From the sound of it, it sounds as though Glee has hit the mark yet again! Also, not to any surprise but Luner on Theatre has discovered  these new original songs will be used by the Glee gang in the season finale at nationals which is in New York City! Luner on Theatre will be posting an article later this week about Glee’s original music. Also, like always we will have our episode preview on Tuesday before this Tuesday’s episode! If Glee is to release any more original music in the upcoming week, you know Luner on Theatre will be covering it! As for now, enjoy the latest round of Glee music and let us know what you think of it! Give the music a listen and don’t forget to tune into Glee for the final 2 weeks of season 2 on Tuesday night’s at 8 PM on FOX.

Glee's Loser Like Me Performance

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