Ending A Show But Starting A New One; Oprah Coming to Broadway?

Now here is a news story that will shake up the theatre world. What?! Exactly what I was thinking when I heard this potential story lying underneath some other major theatre headlines. And thats why I wanted to bring it up! They say in show business that “the show must go on”. However, does that work when you take the show from the screen to the stage? After 25 years of having her own blockbuster show on television,  will Oprah Winfrey come to Broadway?

On her show which aired April 22nd, Oprah Winfrey mentioned that someday she would love to play a part in a Broadway show. On stage that is, not behind the scenes. And as of a few days ago, Oprah is already taking the steps to turn her dream into a reality. The Chicago Tribune has reported Oprah is currently in talks with various directors and producers to make her debut on Broadway. No mention of which show she would like to be in has be mentioned. However, it has become knowledge that Winfrey is reviewing various scripts for a variety of shows.

While Winfrey may be making her Broadway acting debut soon, she is not new to Broadway showbiz. Oprah, after all, was the lead producer of the musical The Color Purple. Oprah has also mentioned she was apparently approached by director Kenny Leon to star in his most recent Broadway revival of Fences.

When asked about why she didn’t take the gig, Oprah had the following to say:

“I had always wanted to do Fences,” I went through the idea of trying to take my show to New York, shoot a show during the daytime and appear on Broadway at night. But I couldn’t do it. And finally, Kenny said he couldn’t wait any longer.” (Cited from Playbill)

However, with Oprah’s show set to end on May 25th, is Winfrey’s dream of Broadway about to become a reality? I guess we will have to wait and find out!

What do you think of the idea of Oprah coming to Broadway?! Good or bad? More of a Hollywood Takeover as some are calling it or something you’d love to see her do? We’re interested to see what you think! And while nothing has been confirmed yet, I’d keep an eye out for Oprah as she has told various press sources “This is Happening. Life is too short.” Luner on Theatre will keep you updated on all the latest Broadway news and continuing news of Oprah on Broadway. Check back for more later!

See You On Broadway!

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