Glee Goes to Prom! Episode Preview!

Hello Gleeks! Are you excited for a brand new episode of Glee tonight?! Me too! After an exciting week of Glee, what will the McKinley kids do this week? Well, this week on Glee goes in a direction totally unseen before. The Glee kids have some familiar faces return as they prepare for nationals in New York City but first they get a little relaxation time. As this week, Glee goes to Prom.

Click here to View a Preview of this Week’s Glee

Glee gets dramatic and a little crazy this week! From the covering of hands down the most ridiculous song ever created to epic return of Jeese St. James, Glee this week hits all the right notes continuing its hot streak as it heads towards its season finale scheduled for May 24th. Glee will be more intense then ever having everything you want in this episode in more! Who says you can’t wear kilts to a prom? Who will become homecoming King an Queen? and Who will be put in their place by the end of the night? We’ll see I guess!

Click here to go Behind the Scenes of this week’s Glee!

But! What music will Glee cover this week?! Oh man…


Rolling in the Deep

Jars of Heart

And thats all the music we can get! Glee seems to be so sneaky with keeping music from us! But its ok because we love them anyway! and who doesn’t want to be surprised during the actual episode? Anyways, tune into FOX Tonight at 8 PM for an all new Glee that you really don’t wanna miss!

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