Luner Rumor: Will Neil Patrick Harris Host the 2011 Tony Awards?

After a week of award nominations and this week the big announcement with the Tony Award Nominations being announced, the awards season for 2011 somehow just still found a way to get more exciting. It doesn’t involve any nominations or new show announcements, but instead involves the actual awards show itself. So ladies and gentlemen, Can you NPH?

It has just been reported on the internet by that Neil Patrick Harris will most likely host the 2011 Tony Awards! Luner on Theatre is one of the first theatre news sources to bring you this breaking news as we speak! The 2011 Tony Awards is currently scheduled for Sunday June 12th, 2011 at The Beacon Theatre.

Neil Patrick Harris is no stranger to the Broadway or Tony Award community! He hosted the 2009 Tony Awards to very much success. From writing his own original song including all the nights winners to anything else he did, Neil Patrick Harris was loved and requested back by almost everyone for the 2010 Awards. Although Sean Hayes hosted the 2010 awards, it seems NPH might finally get his grand return he deserves.

Click Here to View Neil Patrick Harris’ 2009 Tony Awards Closing Number

Hilarious right?! Now if that video doesn’t get you excited for this latest rumor I seriously don’t know what will! Neil Patrick Harris is not only the perfect pick for a Host but one that will draw in a larger crowd then usual for the biggest and most celebrated night in theatre.

As previously mentioned, Neil Patrick Harris is no stranger to the New York Community. Neil Patrick Harris just recently starred in the New York Philharmonic production of Company. He also has starred in Broadway productions such as Assassins, Proof and Cabaret. He can also be regularly seen on CBS in the TV series How I Met Your Mother as Barney Stinson. Neil Patrick Harris also made a guest appearance last year on the new hit TV series Glee as Mr. Byran Ryan and duetted with Broadway veteran Matthew Morrision.

Luner on Theatre will continue to work on more of this Breaking News about the word of Neil Patrick Harris’ return to the Tony Awards as host. Luner on Theatre will also continue to report back to you any and all news about the Tony Awards and the rest of the awards season as well! Check out our Awards Season or Tony Time section for specifically awards news. Stay tuned for more information and feel free to check out the rest of our blog! And don’t forget to spread this Luner Rumor!

Neil Patrick Harris Returns to the Tonys!

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