Glee Embraces Acceptance; Born This Way Episode Preview!

After another interesting week on Glee, the glee gang is back this week and back to promoting messages they know how to do best. While the Glee club is able to accept the society and the people they communicate with on a daily basis, they have forgotten one of the most important things which is self-acceptance. Glee this week goes a little gaga once again as glee prepares so realize they were Born This Way in this weeks episode.

Click here for a Preview of the Born This Way Episode

This week is filled with lots of fun and exciting things taking place at McKinley High! For one, Quinn is running for prom queen but has an unlikely competitor as Lauren steps up to battle the ex-cheerio for the title. Mr. Schuester tries to teach the kids that self acceptance is important and we see the return of Emma as she is in therapy for her not so normal behaviors and obsessions. Also, SPOILER ALERT: Kurt will return to McKinley high this week and the new directions. But what about the bullying situation? Find out tonight to see! Listening to the music alone from tonight, it sounds fantastic. And for those of you who consistently complain about the show not being the way it use to be, it sounds as though the show is reaching back to its original roots. Something very exciting for everyone!

Also, don’t forget this week’s Glee will be 90 minutes! Not the normal hour! 

What hot music other then Gaga’s will Glee perform tonight?

Born This Way

Somewhere Only We Know

I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

I’ve Gotta Be Me

As If We Never Said Goodbye

What other crazy stuff will happen tonight on Glee? Who knows! I guess you’ll have to tune in to find out! I am beyond excited to see what this episode has in store. So be sure to tune in tonight at 8 PM on FOX for an all new Glee!

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