Glee FINALLY Returns! Night of Neglect Preview!

After what seems like years without Glee, Glee will finally return tonight after a 3 week hiatus. Or from what I believe because after a while I was sad so I just stopped counting.  Anyways, Glee returns tonight to highlight artists whose music is neglected as Glee presents a Night of Neglect and returns to FOX TV for its huge fan base which has been waiting now for weeks for the sound of Glee to return to the airwaves.

Click here for a preview of this week’s Glee!

As if the return of Glee tonight wasn’t enough, Glee has seemed to pull out all the stops yet again as tonight’s episode is also featuring many members of the Glee gang we haven’t seen in a while! Who exactly though? Sunshine, Terri, Jacob, Becky and a lot of other faces we have missed return tonight in an episode filled with fun music! Tonight’s episode works mostly around the Glee club working to help another club at McKinley raise funds they need. However, the villain, Sue, will be building a team and slowly working her plot to destroy the Glee club. She is most likely extra motivated after losing to the club at regionals. She creates her League of Doom using Sandy, Dustin (Cheynne), Terri and herself to bring down the Glee club and Will Schuester.

Glee Returns to producing its hot music everyone loves! Check It Out…

All By Myself

I Follow Rivers

Ain’t No Way

Turning Tables

As for now, this is all the music I have been able to find for this upcoming episode! However, many more surprises are in store with word that many more solo’s are probably in tonight’s episode! Also in the preview, why will Mercedes become more of a diva then she already is? What else lies in store that I haven’t told you about or hinted at during this blog? I don’t know! Just trying to keep some fun in this for all of you! check out Glee tonight on FOX at 8 PM! I promise you won’t regret the rest of this season of Glee!

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