Panic At the Disco! on Broadway?

Broadway fans and theatre lovers are no stranger to jukebox musicals. Taking all of their music and combining it into a show with a “plot”, jukebox musicals have been created for various artists that have helped shape the world of music. With legendary jukebox musicals such as The Who’s Tommy and Green Day’s American Idiot, which group of musicians is looking to next turn their work into something for the Broadway stage. How about….Panic At the Disco.

Panic At the Disco is an American rock group formed in Las Vegas in 2004. Band members include Brendon Urie performs lead vocals, guitar and piano with Spencer Smith on drums. Also, original members of the band Ryan Ross who played guitar and Jon Walker who played bass left the band in 2009. They became famous after the launch of their first album ever in 2005 titled A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. As the bands first ever album, it sold very well and was met by much success. In 2008, they launched their second album titled Pretty. Odd. which was considered completely different from their debut album and sold more then was ever expected. Critics praised the album. And finally, just last week they released their third album Vices & Virtues.

Classic songs performed by Panic At the Disco you might know off the top of your head include I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Nine In The Afternoon and The Ballad of Mona Lisa.

When Panic At the Disco recently talked to The New York Times, when asked about the possibility of a Broadway future drummer Spencer Smith was quoted as saying,

“That would be amazing, To put together a show that was a mix of our music as well as maybe tell a story … that would be like a dream”

Smith went on to say he doesn’t even know how to make such an idea possible or if it would even be possible for the group. But, a Broadway future is definitely in their heads.

I have to say personally I love this idea. I don’t think anyone should go out and say its a terrible idea or that they don’t deserve it. I mean, who knows what a production with this music could become! There is a great potential that a really, really cool show could come out of this. And while many say their music isn’t strong enough, their music is very distinct. And that would bring a whole new flavor to Broadway itself. Also, I really like the idea because of the fact of how theatrical Panic At the Disco already is. Just take a look at their music videos! Wearing various costumes, beaming with special effects and telling crazy stories through all of them, no question need be asked if Panic At the Disco understands what theatricality is. Also, their music videos have been nominated and in some cases won various awards for their content. I can’t imagine what a scene would look like on stage for a musical of theirs considering the costumes they already wear in various music videos. Exciting to say the least!

“Every musician wants to act, but we have a way to do it where people know we’re not trained actors, so we can be a little bit cheesy,” – Spencer Smith

As mentioned previously, many music artists have presented their music before in a Broadway show such as The Who and Green Day. However, various other jukebox musicals exists such as All Shook Up featuring the music of Elvis, Come Fly Away featuring the music of Frank Sinatra and Jersey Boys which features the music of Frankie Valli and Four Seasons. Some of these musicals feature the hottest music of that time era, some are created for just pure fun and enjoyment and some are created to remember the legacy of someone who forever changed music. Some go on to be more successful the others but hey, thats show business and the potential of this musical, is an exciting one for the business!

While a Broadway future isn’t guaranteed for Panic At the Disco, the group and many of their music fans are looking towards the light for the potential of a show somewhere down the line. I have to say I really think it is an exciting idea and would love to see of what happens with it as it is developed! If they were to name it after an album title like some previous artists have, my guess for a name would be Pretty. Odd. considering it is only fitting for this dynamic group as they make their Broadway debut. Luner on Theatre will continue to report back on any further developments of a Panic At the Disco musical headed for Broadway.

Theatricality is No Stranger to Panic At the Disco


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