Glee Premieres Original Music! Episode Preview!

Are you ready Glee fans?! In potentially the most anticipated episode since Glee’s beginning, tonight the Glee club goes to regionals and breaks all the boundaries in a totally new style. Glee takes a new spin on their music as the new directions kids say enough is enough and dedicate themselves to win regionals. How exactly do they plan on winning? By performing their own original music.

Click here for a preview of this week’s Glee!

After last’s week’s sexy episode, the Glee club buckles down as they prepare for the biggest competition yet. The Glee club finally decides upon performing their own original music for regionals knowing it is the only way they will be ale to beat Oral Intensity, currently coached by Sue Sylvester, and the Dalton Academy Warblers. Don’t worry though! The love drama is all still there as a showdown happens between Quinn and Rachel for main man Finn. Also say hello to some new faces as some special friends such as Kathy Griffin roll in to appear as regionals judges! However, fans do not fear. For the most part, everything is worked out on Glee even when things can get really fiesty. Don’t know what I mean…

Check Out Quinn stand up for Rachel Here

Lot’s of Music fill this week’s Episode of Glee…

Loser Like Me (Original Song)

Get It Right (Original Song)

Hell To The No (Original Song)

Raise Your Glass


And the music keeps going and going and going….




SO, tune into Fox Tonight at 8 PM for hands down the most anticipated episode of Glee for the second season yet! Ryan Murphy is saying MORE original music will be featured on Glee if this episode goes over well. However, it will not be featured all the time. I think personally, Glee featuring its own original music and covers of artist known songs is a fantastic idea. I hope you are so excited for Glee Tonight as I am! If you haven’t heard the new original music yet, its fantastic! Tune in Tonight!

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