Wagner College Presents Loose Knit

A contemporary comedy of love and friendship unravels itself this week as all the ends are tied up as Wagner College presents Theresa Rebeck’s Loose Knit.

Loose Knit is a “tale of relationships, expectations, disappointments and betrayal. As expounded by five women who form a knitting group and the two men who are in their collective lives, we find that everyone is looking for love, or at least for satisfaction, but no one seems to find it. Of course, the quest for fulfillment is affecting these characters in extreme ways, resulting in lives that are unraveling right before our eyes (note the loaded title), and all we can do is go along for the ride” (Cited from Kessa De Santis)

Mickey Tennenbaum

Mickey Tennenbaum, who has been a director for over 30 years, directs the piece which will begin Tuesday March 1st, 2011 in Wagner’s Stage One theatre. Mickey, who teaches at Wagner for theatre and speech, also performed last year in the Main stage production of Brigadoon as Mr. Lundie. Tiffany Rau is the set designer while student Anthony Freitas will light the piece. Concetta Raineri is on board as the costume designer. The cast features Tom McVey, Heather Rae Kirschenbauer, Keely Davenport, Jacqueline Nuzzo, Jill Butterfield, Justin Scalzo and Liza Colpa.

Chris Luner will also be reviewing Loose Knit for Wagner College’s school paper, The Wagnerian.

Loose Knit will run from March 1st to March 6th with performances at 8 PM in Stage One. There is also a 2 PM matinee on March 5th and the performance on March 6th is at 2 PM only. Be sure to check out this fantastic cast for the short run of this production! For tickets, you can contact the Wagner College Box Office at (718)-390-3259.

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