Glee’s World Premiere ORIGINAL Music (Audio)

If your a true Glee fan at heart, you’ve asked yourself many times; Why can’t the Glee music team write their own original songs? That question first came about in season 1 of Glee last year and Ryan Murphy answered the call. He said Glee creators were looking to eventually have an episode featuring their own music. That time, has come

Luner on Theatre has obtained 2 audio clips released earlier this morning featuring 2 completely NEW and ORIGINAL songs written by Glee’s music production team. Also, teaming up with Glee to work on the music is Max Martin who has worked with Brittney Spears on “Hold It Against Me” and Katy Perry on “Teenage Dream”

Click here to listen to Glee’s first ever original music!

The songs are titled “Loser Like Me” and “Get It Right’. “Loser Like Me” involves most of the cast but is lead by front girl Lea Michele and front man Cory Monteith. “Get It Right” is a ballad written for Lea Michele.

Luner on Theatre wants YOU to tell us what you think of Glee’s first ever original music!

A even better question to consider is, if Glee receives an overwhelming positive response to this music, will Glee beginning working and showcasing their own music? I personally love what I’ve heard in these sneak peeks and can’t wait to see how they are worked into the episode and entire season. If there is a positive response to all of this new music, Glee might be changing the focus of their show to some new original pieces.

The world premiere music will air reportedly on the March 15th episode of Glee. Check back to Luner on Theatre for more Glee updates including A SNEAK PEEK OF MATHEW MORRISON’S ORIGINAL SONG “SUMMER RAIN” expected on monday!

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