Glee Blames It on the Alcohol! Episode Preview!

After another fantastic week, Glee is back for another week! However, this time Glee is about to take a very different turn into an area where it has never ventured before. Glee is about to “Blame It on the Alcohol”.


Last week on Glee, many different events took place that are going to become huge set ups for the rest of the season. Sam finally said bye to Quinn after figuring out she cheated on him. Puck worked towards winning over Lauren and Sue joined the Glee club to sing about her feelings after losing a cheerios competition. Just when Glee fans thought all was good, Sue turned around to announce she was the new coach of Oral Intensity. Something that I’m sure will become very interesting over time to watch.

This week on Glee, things get a little crazy. In this week’s episode of Glee, its alcohol awareness at McKinley High School. While Pincipal Figgins teaches the school the dangers of alcohol, the Glee club takes the message personally. With Rachel’s dads gone for the weekend, a Glee party will break out at Rachel’s which will only turn to trouble. Meanwhile, Coach Bieste and Mr. Schuester have some of their own fun. FOX has not released much other information of this week’s episode.

Click here to see what this week’s episode will hold in store

SO what music will Glee be bringing to life this week?

Blame It On The Alcohol

Don’t You Want Me

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Tik Tok


And what sort of drama till take place this week?

Who does Puck really love?

As for now, thats it everyone! FOX is starting to reveal less ad less about each week’s Glee episode so its making it hard for these previews but we’re making it work! Be sure to tune into Glee tonight at 8 PM on FOX to see what happens when the Glee club “Blames It On The Alcohol”.

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