Bring-a map? Where’s Broadway’s Brigadoon Revival?

Brigadoon is a musical about a town that falls under an evil magic curse causing the town to only appear for one day once every 100 years. It seems as though that curse is becoming a reality for the troubled Lerner and Loewe musical. Don’t know what I mean? Let’s start from the beginning

Brigadoon is a musical with book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe. It is the story of a Scottish village under a evil magic curse causing the town to appear only for a day once every 100 years. When two American tourists stumble upon the town in the highlands, everything is changed when Tommy (an American tourist) falls in love with Fiona (a village native) and the question of true love and eternity together are brought about.

Click here to hear “Almost Like Being In Love” sung by Gene Kelly

The original musical premiered on Broadway in 1947 and ran for a total of 581 performances which was then follow by a North American tour. Since then there have been multiple Broadway revivals including in 1957, 1963 and 1980. There was also a very successful movie which starred Gene Kelly. But where is the current Broadway revival of Brigadoon that we have been promised for so long now?

News of the Brigadoon revival came about within the past 3 to 4 years. The revival was set to happen but no Broadway production team or cast names had been attached to the show. Then last year, the planned Brigadoon revival disappeared from the Broadway radar. The planned revival was gone and word was the revival was official scrapped. Then earlier this year, the fog cleared and the Brigadoon revival had returned to the list of future Broadway shows planned. And this time, there were names attached.

Signed on to direct the production is Tony Award winner Rob Ashford. Ashford’s most recent work was on the 2010 Broadway revival of Promises, Promises. He is currently directing and choreographing the 2011 Broadway revival of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. It seemed as though after How to Succeed had launched, Broadway’s Brigadoon revival could start to take some sort of life. However; just last week it was announced Ashford will working on a stage version of Finding Neverland this summer. He has also already signed on to work on the 2012 Broadway revival of Evita. With all these future plans in the works, we are wondering when will Ashford make time for Brigadoon?

John Guare (A Free Man of Color) has already signed on to write a new book for the production. The classic Lerner and Loewe music will be used however, we might see somebody sign on to rework some of the score. Ostar Productions and Liza Lerner have also already signed on to produce the Broadway revival. So what exactly is the issue?

Who Knows! Re-working the show as a whole might be proving to be a bigger task then it originally appeared. OR maybe Rob Ashford doesn’t want to start the revival until he can 100% commit himself to it. No matter what the reason it may be, fans are hoping to see a Broadway revival of Brigadoon sooner rather then later. Just this past summer, a concert version of the show was performed on June 14th at The Shubert Theatre (Picture Featured Below). So will Brigadoon ever bow again on Broadway? I guess only when the fog clears will we truly be able to tell.

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