Glee Catches Bieber Fever! Episode Preview!

After a fantastic episode last week filled with love songs and relationship drama for Valentine’s Day, this week Glee continues their love but in an entirely new direction (Haha). Glee digs into the new music of a young artist people can’t just seem to get enough of. Who are we talking about exactly? Try Justin Bieber as glee this week catches a serious case of Bieber Fever.

Click here to see what’s in store for Glee this week!

On this week’s episode, the relationship nonsense from last week will turn into something completely unexpected at McKinley High School; The Justin Bieber Experience. Sam will prepare a song (“baby”) to win back Quinn after the relationship turmoil they have been feeling recently with Quinn returning to Finn and Finn wanting Quinn but all at the same time Rachel being a control freak and wanting Finn. Yikes! The boy’s think Sam is crazy with his Bieber song and matching hair do until they see how he can easily win over the girls. The boys join in to create another Bieber number (“Somebody To Love”) which will win over the girls. Emma will make one of the most interesting suggestions of the season telling Sue to become a member of the Glee club. After losing at the national competition with her cheerios, Sue feels the need to sing about her feelings which will bring some new sass to the Glee club I’m sure. I men, its Sue.

What music will Glee bring to life this week?

Somebody To Love


I Know What Boys Want

Take Me or Leave Me



And what other nonsense is in store for this week?

Sam Start’s A Band

The Boys Catch Bieber Fever

So what exactly will come out of all this lovin’ for the Biebs? I guess we’ll find out tonight on Glee! Be sure to tune into FOX at 8 PM tonight for Glee’s Comeback episode. Check back to Luner on Theatre for all the latest Glee updates and news!

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