Glee-mance? Valentine’s Episode Preview!

Glee twice in one week!? How lucky are we?! After a recording breaking number of viewers tuned in to see Glee’s Season 2 return after the Super Bowl Sunday night, Glee returns tonight to its normal tuesday night 8 PM slot on FOX. And tonight, the Glee club takes on romance in honor of the upcoming Valentines Day.

This week’s episode takes on love and relationships! And in case you can’t follow the crazy hormones of the Glee club, heres the relationship scoop! *Spoliers!

  • Rachel isn’t with Finn anymore. She cheated on him with Puck
  • Quinn was with Sam but kissed Finn at the end of the past episode
  • Quinn is going to leave Sam and go back to Finn
  • Sam will find some lovin’ with Santana
  • Tina and Mike are still together
  • Artie and Brittany are still together
  • Puck and Santana were “getting naked”
  • And of course, Kurt has Blaine

That’s a lot to take in! So what exactly is this week’s episode about? Click Here!

AND, what about this week’s music going to sound like? (Sorry for not having as many sound clips! Glee hasn’t released any for tonight’s episode) Songs you can count on seeing tho include “Silly Love Songs”  (performed by the Warblers), “My Funny Valentine” (sung by Jenna Ushkowitz), “Firework” (sung by Lea Michele), “Fat Bottomed Girls” (sung by Mark Salling), “Pretty Young Thing” (sung by Kevin McHale), “When I Get You Alone” (performed by Darren Criss and the Warblers).

Click Here to hear for a preview of Lea Michele singing “Firework”

Fall in love with Glee tonight at 8 PM on FOX! Be sure to tune in!

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