Adam Lambert: Broadway’s Next St. Jimmy?

Hold onto your hats Broadway! Thing’s in the upcoming months are about to get very interesting for a few Broadway shows. Which show are we specifically talking about? Green Day’s American Idiot.

The show which first premiered on Broadway in 2010 rocked out and created a totally new atmosphere on Broadway taking the music of Green Day and creating one of the most technically advance show on Broadway in years. This was only reinforced when it won the Tony Award for Best Scenic Design of a Musical and Best Lighting Design of a Musical at the 2010 Tony Awards. The show’s original cast involved such names John Gallagher Jr as Johnny, Tony Vincent as St. Jimmy as well as Stark Sands, Michael Esper and Joshua Henry.

If you’re wondering where this article is leading, here we go. Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong stepped in as St. Jimmy for a week in October when Tony Vincent was on leave. However, Tony Vincent recently departed the show for good on December 30th 2010. Billie Joe will now play the role of St. Jimmy through February 27th. An obvious celebrity tactic used to bring in major sales during Broadway’s slowest months. Billie Joe as St. Jimmy brought in over 1 Million dollars to American Idiot in October and is receiving a very strong response now as he goes on everyday as the character.

Melissa Ethridge is currently playing the role of St. Jimmy for the week of Febuary 1st to the 9th due to a conflict with Billie Joe’s previous schedule. However, it has become very apparent American Idiot has picked up on the idea of celebrity names for their show and specifically rock stars and celebrities in the role of St. Jimmy. So when Billie Joe departs February 27th who will Broadway’s next St. Jimmy be? What about……Adam Lambert

In a recent poll online, a website took a poll of which celebrity you’d like to see next rock on with the American Idiots and the winner was ADAM LAMBERT as St. Jimmy. So will American Idiot offer up the part to the insane high singing American Idol star? If you think about it, he is kinda perfect. Lambert who is no newcomer to the Broadway stage would not only hit the part vocally but also bring the character to life in a new way never before seen. Adam’s wild character would relate to the role and actually might cause Green Day to wonder where their orchestrations went. His name would also bring in a totally new crowd to the show and keep the show running and its appeal greater. He’s the perfect idea for the character that needs to rock out physically, vocally and help move the show along in an outlandish way.

While nothing is official, in my opinion the show will need to use rock star and celebrity names to stay afloat after the departure of Armstrong on February 27th. While many other Broadway shows already use this tactic, it is especially important for American Idiot with the style of rock star appeal show they produce. Adam Lambert is the perfect idea for American Idiots rock show they offer and produce and I only hope that he would be offered such a part. American Idiot currently plays at the St. James Theatre in New York City. For my information, please visit: American Idiot’s Official Website

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